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Gym Design, Build and Management Services for Fitness Facilities throughout the UK and Worldwide

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WeMakeGyms are experienced fitness specialists dedicated to the design, construction and management of innovative, industry-leading gyms in private homes and residential developments or corporate sites and commercial spaces throughout the UK and worldwide. Whether it's an in-home personal workout room, a corporate gym or the focal point of a large residential development, our end-to-end service provides everything you need to create the perfect fitness space.


• Enjoy the convenience and bespoke personal environment of a dedicated home workout space

• Get your workouts done according to your needs and without wasted travel time

• Add significant value to your home


• Motivate your staff with an industry-leading fitness offer/set yourself apart with an industry leading health and fitness business

• Invest in your employees’ long term health and well-being/help the public get healthier and happier with your business site

• Ultimate in time efficiency with no gym commute/let us guide you on every aspect of your business to ensure its’ success

Large-scale residential

•Differentiate your development with an innovative, high-end fitness facility

• Add value to each marketed property and create new revenue streams

• Build your brand values and awareness through positive and health conscious publicity and sensibilities





Islington, Essential Living Residents gym

What we said: "A nice residents gym in an iconic building"

What the client said: "WeMakeGyms consulted us on what would work within our designated gym space; providing excellent presentation skills to our senior executive."

Wimpole Street, Home Basement gym

What we said: "A home basement gym over two rooms with a General Fitness room and a Yoga room in a prestigious property."

What the client said: "WeMakeGyms oversaw the project and managed to design, consult, supply and install from start to finish in only 2 weeks under lots of time pressure from me!"
Manjit (Client PA)

Brentwood garage gym

What we said: "This project included air conditioning installation, flooring, a power lifting platform and rack, a treadmill, hanging heavy boxing bag, TRX/anchor point and dumbbells and kettlebells on a multi use rack. Nice use of an unused garage annex!"

What the client said: "WeMakeGyms sourced locally for a reputable air conditioning firm and oversaw every aspect of our project from start to finish. It meant I could busy myself watching the world cup and leave them to it! Happy days!"

Putney Basement Home Gym

What we said: "This project is a great example of the high standard that can be reached with a dedicated space for a home gym. This gym has it all!"

What our customer said"Mark did an exceptional job on the design and installation of our new home gym. At the initial stage he provided expert advice and guidance on what kit was needed and what brands were most suitable. Not only did he provide fantastic designs and visuals to show us exactly what the gym would look like but he used his trade contacts to negotiate a discount on all the equipment bought. He was there every step of the way to see everything was installed 100% perfectly and even organised a session for all my kids to explain how to use the equipment safely. I am over the moon with my new gym and can not recommend Mark and the WeMakeGyms team highly enough."
Kristina, Putney Heath

Chiswick Home Gym

What we said: "This project demonstrates that converting existing rooms within your home into a gym can be very effective - even when working with less floor space!"

What our customer said: "The guys at WeMakeGyms were very friendly and business like in their approach. It was pretty staggering how quickly the gym came together once we had finalised what we wanted and we are so happy with our new home gym! Mark got us the best price, saved us all of the hassle and was there every step of the way to ensure the outcome we wanted! Now my husband has more time in the morning because he works out at home. I now have follow up Personal Training with one of their associated PTs once a week and I'm loving it! We have our 2 young kids come in and join the fun on the weekends and they love it too! WeMakeGyms has done a fantastic job - thanks so much Mark and the guys!"
Andrea, Burlington Lane, Chiswick

Oxfordshire Outbuilding Gym

What we said: "This project was great fun over in a lovely part of the country! This guest house conversion is minimalist with lots of functional floor space to suit the clients high octane workouts!"

What our customer said: "Mark at WeMakeGyms gave me the confidence, design expertise and practical help I needed to turn my vision of a home gym into reality. He offered invaluable advice about layout and equipment and support and assistance from start to completion. Highly recommended."
Isobel, Chipping Norton

Boston Lincolnshire, Garage 2nd floor conversion

What we said: "This premium home gym has top quality equipment, high end gym flooring, accent lighting, streaming media services and a hidden built in water fountain!"

What the client said: "WeMakeGyms were recommended by our interior designers and they helped us from start to finish - they provided initial floor plan designs and 3D renders, equipment choice and layout, a huge discount on our chosen equipment and dealt with all of the logistics. We have ended up with a fantastic gym."

Surrey, Sports Therapy Studio

What we said: "A small commercial site with big ambitions!"

What the client said: "WeMakeGyms consulted us on our project build and we were very impressed. We look forward to working closely with their team who will be consulting us on the most effective business model for our site.”

Oakleigh Park Racquets Club, North London

What we said: "The new gym operations we set up should really help this site have a vastly improved gym product for their site."

What the client said: "I contacted WeMakeGyms wanting the help of a gym business consultant as we were in need of a new direction for our on site gym. WeMakeGyms provided us with excellent guidance and consultancy helping us to overhaul our gym product and really move the business forward.”

Chiswick, Basement gym

What we said
: "A compact basement gym that’s fit for purpose!"

What the client said
: "WeMakeGyms worked around our complex home renovations and helped us reach the desired end product.”

Hertfordshire, Garden View Gym

What we said: "The client wanted a specific type of fitness equipment to fit within a custom built space and we got it done!"

What the client said: "I contacted WeMakeGyms as the lead interior designer on the project as I wanted some specialist advice. WeMakeGyms provided that advice - making sure my client was up to speed on the best options on fitness equipment. Not only that they saved us 35% on price with their trade contacts. Would definitely use again."

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